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Thread: Select All Rows from a grid

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    Default Select All Rows from a grid

    I have a function for a button on a master/detail form that when pressed will update all detail records.

    Right now it works if you select all the records in the grid by clicking on the record.

    I want to automatically select all records when I press the button instead of having to select them manually.

        ,onConvert : function() {
            var detailGrid = this.getComponent('tallyGrid');
            var records = detailGrid.getSelected();     <----  I WANT TO REPLACE THIS WITH A METHOD TO SELECT ALL AUTOMATICALLY
            if (records) {
                this.fireEvent('convertStock', records, detailGrid, this);
    I tried detailGrid.selectAll(); but that is not valid

    Thanks in advance for any insight

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    You should use the documentation.
    vg Steffen
    Release Manager of TYPO3 4.5

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