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Thread: Examples and Showcases

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    Glad you like it

    The "two lines" items are achieved to a template for the list item along with a bit of CSS configuration. Use itemTpl to specify such template. The one we use is as follow:

    itemTpl: '<div class="batList_data">' +		'<img class="batList_avatar" width="60px" src="{urlphoto1}"/>' +
    		'<tpl if="favorite">' +
    		'<img class="batList_fav" width="20px" height="20px" src="favorites.png">' +
    		'</tpl>' +
    		'<div class="batList_content">' +
    		'<div class="batList_main">{nom}</div>' +
    		'<div class="batList_sub">{genre}</div>' +
    		'</div>' +
    		'<div class="clear"></div>' +

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    sorry that i didn't thank you early but i was finish this little project but thanks all you details and help really help me a lot. I do have one more question for you, I did test this project as an app in my iPhone 3gs and iPad and it work fine but once I close the app to do something else in my phone and I open again my project application it doesn't reload again. It showing me the last thing I leave selected before I close it, so how can I do a reload every time I open the app? after an specify period of time or some similar? my idea is that every time i open this I would see the loader picture i using as loading idea?



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