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Thread: How many users on this forum?

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    Default How many users on this forum?

    Hi guys,
    I need 2 pieces of information for a survey:

    - how many active users are registered to this forum?
    - and on the dev forum?

    I couldn't find it anywhere.

    Thanks for any hint!

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    Look at the bottom of the Forum page and you'll see: 127,000+ registered users; 800+ online at one time.

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    Thanks very much fay!
    Is there a way to estimate how many people have contributed to Ext JS (apart from the corporate core team)?

    Thanks again!

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    Why do you mean by contributed?
    a. Wrote parts of the SDK
    b. Suggested bugfixes
    c. Wrote extensions or plugins
    d. Wrote examples or tutorials

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    The indicator we are looking for is the number of registered users to the development forum(s), as an estimate of the size of the community. I suppose there are overlaps among those 4 categories, so it might be tricky to find a decent estime
    In other project it is strightforward because there is only one official forum.
    Any hints?

    Thanks again guys!

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