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Thread: Build GroupHeader based on values from server (GroupHeaderGrid)

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    Hi , im looking to use the GroupHeaderPlugin but depending on the properties for a certain number,
    i need to build the columns dinamically ie :

    mobile fixed satelite
    weekend peak offpeak peak offpeak plain weekend
    day number calls min calls min calls min calls min calls min calls min calls min
    1-05 12345 5 90 3 11 6 77.89 1 22 4 66 4 3 7 9
    so depending on the properties of a number it might have mobile and then just peak or mobile and fixed and peak and offpeak on both .

    In the groupheaderplugin i find to do it statically ,but how can i create it based on variables for instance if i have
    in an array the respective properties of the number
    i was thinking something down the lines of :

    var billingtypes = r.get('billing_types_for_number');
    var sourcetypes = r.get('source_types_for_number');
    for (var x=0;x

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    I'm facing the same problem, did you find a solution ?

    Thank you.

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