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Thread: Remove borders between tab and panel

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    Default Remove borders between tab and panel

    I'm doing an example like explorer but i got a problem.
    My tabitens have fitlayout instead flowlayout.

    I have a grid+toobar inside contentpanel (with fitlayout)
    the contentpanel have buttons and is inside my layoutcontainer (with fitlayout)
    and i add the layoutcontainer into tabitem (with fitlayout)

    My problem is -> i can't remove the double line (it's like a bold one) as like in the image
    on attachment.

    when i set everything to false or combine options in methods setBorders() , setBodyBorder() and setBorderStyle()
    i couldn't get get a solution better than the image.

    If i was possible to remove the contentpanel borders i got my problem solved!

    Any solution?
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    Add your own CSS file to your index.html and redefine

    .x-tab-panel-header {
        border: none;

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