I'm currently developing a search form and in the tbar I have a menu with a textfield, a save button, a delete button, a separator and then variable menu-items. When a user fill out the form, enter a name in the textfield and press the save button the current values of the form will be saved and a new entry will appear at the end of the menu. Pressing the item will fill out the form with the saved data. This menu will work as expected, but now I have some problems:

1. How can I place the save and delete button side by side? I know in 3.2 this is no problem, but I'm working with 3.0.
2. I can't select the text in the textfield with the mouse. I only can place the cursor in the field and delete the text with the backspace key.
3. When I add an entry to the menu after the first click on the menu entry in the tbar, the menu overlaps the tbar. Only with the second click the menu has the correct position.

Thanks for your help and advice.

Regards, Tobias