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Thread: combo with listeners select

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    Default combo with listeners select

    Hi, i'm trying to do this:

    I have a combo and in the select event enabled other combo if value es "MX"

                                            listeners     :
                                                select: function(){
                                                    var combo=Ext.getCmp('idcbo_edo_nac_alu');
                                                    var cadena   = this.getValue();
                                                    var vector   = cadena.split('*');
                                                    combo.value     =0;
                                                    combo.enabled   =false;
    but, the combo2 don't enabled or don't change the value. how can i to do this?

    it's error appear me.

    "id_edo_nac_alu is not defined[IMG]chrome://firebug/content/blank.gif[/IMG]"


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    Hi, i can do this.

    i have changed combo.enable=true and combo.value="" for this combo.enable() and combo.clearValue()


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