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Thread: [SOLVED]VERY strange ComboBox prob: Can't select entries!

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    Question [SOLVED]VERY strange ComboBox prob: Can't select entries!

    Hi there,

    I've made remote-data comboboxes work before, but I want to get one loaded from an array, so I tried emulating the example in the documentation at

    First I coded my own example, with a template, and that loaded fine. I could see all the entries, and filter by typing just fine, but when I click on the entries or try to type a complete entry and hit enter, it refuses to select them. It just does nothing.

    Then I decided to remove a few variables, and reproduce the exact example from the documentation. I actually copied and pasted the example bits of code verbatim:
    states = [
        ['AL', 'Alabama'],
        ['AK', 'Alaska'],
        ['AZ', 'Arizona'],
        ['AR', 'Arkansas'],
        ['CA', 'California'],
        ['CO', 'Colorado'],
        ['CN', 'Connecticut'],
        ['DE', 'Delaware'],
        ['DC', 'District of Columbia'],
        ['FL', 'Florida'],
        ['GA', 'Georgia'],
        ['HW', 'Hawaii'],
        ['ID', 'Idaho'],
        ['IL', 'Illinois'],
        ['IN', 'Indiana'],
        ['IA', 'Iowa'],
        ['KS', 'Kansas'],
        ['KY', 'Kentucky'],
        ['LA', 'Louisiana'],
        ['MA', 'Maine'],
        ['MD', 'Maryland'],
        ['MS', 'Massachusetts'],
        ['MI', 'Michigan'],
        ['MN', 'Minnesota'],
        ['MS', 'Mississippi'],
        ['MO', 'Missouri'],
        ['MT', 'Montana'],
        ['NE', 'Nebraska'],
        ['NV', 'Nevada'],
        ['NH', 'New Hampshire'],
        ['NJ', 'New Jersey'],
        ['NM', 'New Mexico'],
        ['NY', 'New York'],
        ['NC', 'North Carolina'],
        ['ND', 'North Dakota'],
        ['OH', 'Ohio'],
        ['OK', 'Oklahoma'],
        ['OR', 'Oregon'],
        ['PA', 'Pennsylvania'],
        ['RH', 'Rhode Island'],
        ['SC', 'South Carolina'],
        ['SD', 'South Dakota'],
        ['TE', 'Tennessee'],
        ['TX', 'Texas'],
        ['UT', 'Utah'],
        ['VE', 'Vermont'],
        ['VA', 'Virginia'],
        ['WA', 'Washington'],
        ['WV', 'West Virginia'],
        ['WI', 'Wisconsin'],
        ['WY', 'Wyoming']
    // simple array store
    var store = new{
        fields: ['abbr', 'state'],
        data : states
    var combo = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
        store: store,
        typeAhead: true,
        mode: 'local',
        triggerAction: 'all',
        emptyText:'Select a state...',
        resizable: true
    And the html [text-field] container 'local-states':
    <input type="text" id="local-states" size="20"/>
    And when I run this, I see the states in the pull-down menu just fine. I can filter too. The only problem is.. When I select them, nothing happens. I can't select things from array-loaded comboboxes!

    (I also tried a memoryproxy and arrayreader combination. It did the same thing.)

    When I load remotely using httpproxy and jsonreader however, my combobox works fine!

    *uber stumped*

    Thanks for any help, it's been hours I've been trying to figure this out!

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    Actually another development...

    I can't make any type of combo box work. Not even those loaded as JSON via AJAX request. (I previously had that working)

    Same problem: data loads and displays but clicking does nothing, and I can't enter data manually.

    I'm using ext-1.1-beta2.. On 1.0 I can make it work, but some other functionality (that I want/have used and forgotten where) is not in 1.0...

    Any thoughts?

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    Nevermind guys, I downloaded the newly released rc1 and it seems to have been fixed...

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    Default SOLVED

    Thought I'd mark it as solved...

    Edit: Sorry for the double post.. I thought you could mark things solved by specifying it in the post title :P (oops!)

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