PENDING: Any issue that has not been reviewed by a developer. Posts should not stay in this status for longer than 2 business days. If you have a post in this status for longer than 2 business days, feel free to *bump* it and bring it to our attention.

INFOREQ: A developer is requesting more information. Please provide additional information promptly as the issue will be changed to Stale after a period of time.

STALE: If a developer does not receive requested information, the issue will be marked Stale and a new thread will need to be started.

OPEN: A developer has reviewed the issue and entered it into our tracking system. This status will be followed with a bug number for reference.

DEFER: A developer has determined that resolving the issue in question may impact existing applications and needs to be deferred until the next minor release.

FIXED: A developer has applied a code change to SVN for the next patch or minor release.

CLOSED: A developer has determined that the issue should be closed and no code changes were made.

DUPE: The issue in questions is already known. Details for the original issue should be linked within the post.