Hi. I am trying to run some PHP code to read a database - and I can't. I always get the error message 'no element found' and the error console always points to the last line of the php file : the '?>' characters. I get the message whether the webserver is running or not, which implies some basic parsing error, but it's a mystery to me.

Here is the JS code to read the database :

var supplier_fields =
{name: 'db_sup_id'}, {name: 'db_sup_name'}
]; var supplier_store = new Ext.data.JsonStore ({
url: 'suppliers.php', root: 'suppliers', autoLoad: false, remoteSort: false, idProperty: 'db_sup_id', successProperty: 'success', fields: supplier_fields
}); supplier_store.load ({
callback: function(records, options, success) { if (success){Ext.Msg.alert('SUCCESS : ' + records.length);} else{Ext.Msg.alert('FAILURE : ' + records.length);} }
Here is the current 'suppliers.php' file :

PHP Code:
('Content-Type: text/plain');
'{"success":true, "suppliers":[{"db_sup_id":1,"db_sup_name":"Supermarket"}]}';
I always get the 'FAILURE' alert, with zero records, and the error message, regardless of what the content of the PHP file actually is.

I have tried various versions of EXTJS and Firefox and IE running with xampplite.

Has anybody any ideas ? Thanks.