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Thread: [FIXED-21] Registration and Proxy Issues

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Because of beeing unable to register from behind a proxy I tried to install ExtDesigner in a VM on a non-proxy computer and then to move this VM to my pc behind the proxy. After that a message appears "wrong lincense". Very strange for a trial version :-(

    Why so cumbersome? ExtDesigner is not the first piece of any software and the most of other vendors already found a way to distribute and protect their products in a more convenient way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emotton View Post
    I also have been problem in login; what can I do about it ?

    I am network proxy.

    Eduardo Motton
    I've the same problem... the installer shows me "You provided incorrect login details".

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    Quote Originally Posted by abe.elias View Post
    Ext Designer can operate without an internet connection after your first login.
    I sure hope this is something that will be addressed very soon. I was commuting and I tried to launch it but couldn't, which was disappointing since my expectation is that if I install a licensed application on my computer it simply works. I hope that once the key thing gets sorted out and the application is linked to the key I won't need an internet connection to start the designer.
    Personally, I don't know of any IDE/Designer that cannot be started if the computer is offline.

    On a different note, this is a great tool. However, I was hoping that it would also help with the event handlers, and by that I mean a way to see what are the events I can register handlers for in a component and add the code in JS in the appropriate place. I am aware of the fact that it's a Designer not an IDE, but I think this would make it so much more helpful.

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    Default Proxy Authentication problems

    I had in my work a proxy network; but in my house I havent proxy, how I use my personal notebook for work, I think to register in my house, after this I could work in my company without problem. But, in my house, without proxy I dont receive error, but the message about days left about trial continuing.

    If I understood correctly you dont syncronized yet your system. But soon it will be solved.

    Correct or not ? Or my actions is wrong ?

    Eduardo Motton

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    Quote Originally Posted by abe.elias View Post
    Ext Designer can operate without an internet connection after your first login.
    But only on the same machine, it seems

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    Once you get a key (trial or perm) you can use it offline.

    We understand how aggravating the proxy issue is, and we are working on getting a resolution in place.

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    Default Register


    I am using Windows Vista, and for me the problem about register are continuing without solved. I got to use the Ext Designer but my worry is after 11 days, when expired trial license.

    Eduardo Motton

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    I'm also having the proxy problems - we'd like to evaluate Ext Designer, but unable to do so due to being behind a proxy server.

    Is there a way of requesting a demo license file via the Ext JS web site to then download, without having to try and login via the Ext Designer software?



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    Default Proxy issue


    I'm trying to run the designer but i cant......we are behind a bluecoat proxy..........which config could change for the designet allow me to login??

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    I have similar problems. Aaron said to me:
    We currently do NOT have support for automatic configuration scripts. This is something we are looking into this week. If you can manually configure your internet options proxy settings, our application can read from it.

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