I turned this property on in my prompt field but when I run the app and click on the CB input area (not the trigger button) I get this error:

PHP Code:
e.xy is undefined
[Break on this errorthis.window.setPagePosition(e.xy[0] - 300e.xy[1] + 16); 
My CB field's property:
PHP Code:
ux.PromptField's code for this property:
PHP Code:
I'm guessing it's not passing in e to the onTriggerClick method, but am struggling on what to pas in. I've looked at the docs and tried passing in the EventOjbect, but have never worked with that and I don't understand the docs.

Interestingly, it only happens when before the grid is displayed via the trigger button; once that is clicked then clicking on the CB input area works, so I'm thinking the grid isn't rendered or created in the DOM yet.

What am I missing? Or not understanding?