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Thread: combo in checktree

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    First i have to say that it sucks , that i cannot post normally , and that to make one post i need to wait sometimes 2 days , i think that that can be handled better!

    Then to my problem , the reason i post this is because i been trying for several days and reading and as a result im not able to resolve this on my own so i was hoping one of you guys can shed some light.

    Basically i want to accomplish 2 things.

    1. Getting a combobox to show ,
    2. I have added a set of radio options and it only let me check once , i cant change the selection if i selected one of them (on the same line)
    As what concerns the combobox im either getting [object] to show where i want to show it ,
    or i get a nasty error
    uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004003 (NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER) [nsIDOMHTMLDivElement.appendChild]" nsresult: "0x80004003 (NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER)" location: "JS frame :: http://localhost/fin/ext-all-debug.js :: anonymous :: line 24866" data: no]

    Thanks ,im posting the relevant code before , where the function renderElements is where i try to add the combo and radiobox to the markup

    * This is slightly adjusted original renderElements method
    * @private
    renderElements:function(n, a, targetNode, bulkRender){

    this.indentMarkup = n.parentNode ? n.parentNode.ui.getChildIndent() :'';
    var checked = n.attributes.checked;
    var href = a.href ? a.href : Ext.isGecko ? "" :"#";
    // lets say i create a in combo here
    var mycombo = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    //name: 'PAYMENT_ID',
    //id: 'addnumber_payment_comboedit',
    store: new{
    url: 'ajax/json_payment_terms_combo.php',
    autoLoad: false,
    fields: [{
    name: 'PAYMENT_TERM_ID',
    type: 'int'
    }, {
    name: 'PAYMENT_TERM_DAY',
    type: 'string'

    fieldLabel: 'Payment term',
    displayField: 'PAYMENT_TERM_DAY',
    valueField: 'PAYMENT_TERM_ID',
    hiddenName: 'PAYMENT_ID',
    allowBlank: false,
    mode: 'remote',

    typeAhead: false,

    triggerAction: 'all',
    emptyText: 'Select a payment type...',
    selectOnFocus: true,
    width: 50


    var buf = [
    ,'',n.text,"" (n.leaf === true ? 'Tax: EU VAT:NON EU VAT:' : '' )

    var nel;
    if(bulkRender !== true

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    Comment moderation is on to thwart spammers. Moderated posts are usually approved fairly quickly as the mods scan the forums.

    You are your own worst enemy in this case as you have chosen a username that could be representative of some 'leet' 12 year old script kiddie.

    I would imagine that the moderation filters look at username as a first qualifier of spammer.

    Please refrain from posting the same thing multiple times as it will not get your posts approved any faster.

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    thanks for the headsup;
    that makes sense now;
    i will sign up with another username .

    thanks for the explaination,!and sorry for the cuadrupple post bombing just got upset as it was like that for months, and a few month back i remembered that the second or third automatically got posted untill someone needed to approve the post and if u dont tell me about the username i wouldnt have thought of that: -)

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