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Thread: Clear a DateField?

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    Default Clear a DateField?

    I have a site that a user will be entering date ranges. The site is multilingual and the language/date format is set by an administrator. Due to this I can find no "good" way to validate when a user enters, for example, 01/07/2009 if they mean Jan 7 or July 1. To remove this issue I made the requirement that the user must use a calendar control of some sort. I would like to use the DateField but if I make it editable: false I do not see a clean way to give the user the ability to clear out the date field. Is there some way that I am missing or is the best way to override the "Today" button to be a clear button?

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    Default Seems pretty simple?

    What if you add an additional "Clear Fields" button that would empty the value?

    The button handler should probably be something like yourDateField.reset();


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    Oh, outside of the datefield altogether? I suppose I would have to add a button on both fields to allow them to be cleared individually. I am worried that it may not be clear what those buttons do if I make them small such as a red x, but if I actually have text in them that says "Clear field" then I will be taking up a lot more room and the interface will look crappy. No way to create anything inside the datepicker?

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    Yes, you could update the today button to use the text "Clear" and reset the calendar control.

    Take a look at Ext.DatePicker which is used by the Ext.form.DateField.

    You will want to set todayText to "Clear" and override the selectToday handler to reset the value instead of set it.
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    Exclamation it is clearly a bug

    you can input date by hand but you cant clear it. it shold be out of the box functionality efter edit if rawValue == '' value = null .

    Does anybody got working override?

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    i have same problem, current;ly added context menu - to select which datefield to clear ... but am searching for solution, - to add another button at the bottom of calendar control.

    Here are some answers, maybe this will help, but i currently don't have answer ... if anybody find howto add reset button at datefield calendar pop - pls help me.

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