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Thread: $_POST in PHP always empty using AJAX

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    Like llyod sais normaly ext.ajax works fine i use it for literaly every communication in my apps.

    So it is very likely that there is something uncommon in your code.

    is it possible for you to create a working demo and post it as a zip file?! So i (we) can test it out locally and see what happens.

    The zip should contain all files needed to recreate the Problem plus a short description what one should do to see the problem. Strip erverything off the source that is unrelated to the problem.

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    try posting to the script i posted instead of to requeteVulnerabilite.php and observe the output. It will not output json and will probably give a javascript error, but dont' worry about that. Just observe the ajax call's response in firebug.

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    I was having the same problem. Firebug showed Json-encoded value being posted, BUT not attached to any variable, so PHP's $_POST was empty.

    The problem turned out to be in my configuration of JsonWriter - I did it with "encode: false". So the solution was putting "encode: true" config to the JsonWriter and PHP started getting POSTed values.

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