I have some graphics that I'd like to use inside of buttons. I have tried adding them to regular Ext.Buttons using the icon config options, but there are a few problems...

1. The graphics have a border / drop shadow in them, and the buttons by default have a border, so the buttons end up with a strange looking double bordered effect.

2. The graphics are not square, an example dimension is 100x30. This seems to require a custom css definition for every size graphic that will be used for a button.

Has anyone else had any experience in trying to do this? Currently I'm trying to build the custom button using a BoxComponent, and then setting the autoEl config option to make it an image. After the BoxComponent has been rendered, then I use its getEl() method to retrieve the Ext.Element for it and then assign a click handler to it. This way is really clunky and I'd like to be able to use a regular Ext.Button for it.

Any suggestions?