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Thread: Loading GridPanel via Ajax and executing script

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    Default Loading GridPanel via Ajax and executing script

    I'm working on a system that currently uses coldfusion to manage some of it's layout. I've got an issue where I want to use a CRUD Grid inside one of the tabs to ease editing. The GridPanel is loaded in to a tabbed cflayout when the user chooses to view that tab. The code works fine in its own window, however when I move the code in to thetab it us unable to bind. I've tried including the js/css in both the main file and the tabs source file but I have had no luck.

    I stepped through the code and the bind fails when "grid.render('target-div')" is called.

    I'm not looking to completely re-do the layout and how the tabs are shown with the system, just curious if there is something I am missing that I haven't found in a days worth of research trying to get the grid to render when loaded via an Ajax call.

    Thanks for any help you might be able to give in advance.

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    Default also...

    I might add that I've had a similar problem like this with Dojo (which I am far more familiar with) and the solution there was to use a dojox.layout.ContentPane so that it would execute any scripts loaded via Ajax. Is that possible to do w/ Ext JS?

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