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Thread: How to add confirm dialog before deleting docuemnt

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    Post How to add confirm dialog before deleting docuemnt

    Dear All

    When I click "Delete" button in keyboard,document that I selected in view will be deleted.
    How can I add the confirm dialog to remind user before document be deleted?

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    Ext.MessageBox.confirm('Delete', 'Are you sure ?', function(btn){
       if(btn === 'yes'){
           //some code
          //some code
    To trap the keyboard key :

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    Default Confirm dialog

    Sencha 2.2 this is now:

    Ext.Msg.confirm( .... )

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    For example to delete the files means to confirm that as follows
    int response;

    response = JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog(null, "Should i delete all files?");

    This is the example for adding the confirmation of the dialog add

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