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Thread: Using XTemplate when Field Name contains Colon

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    Default Using XTemplate when Field Name contains Colon

    Hello. I have created a DataView that uses a XTemplate. This works great for most of my fields, but some of my fields contain a colon (e.g. namespace:foobar).

    The XTemplate won't work with that field. I get an error on eval(body) of "fm.foobar" is not a function.

    Anybody have an idea for this? I tried doing field mapping using an ArrayReader in the Store (mapping namespace:foobar to just foobar), but that didn't seem to take. It's not paying any attention to the Reader when I add the record to the store.

    I can provide more details and code samples if needed. Thanks.

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    I also have the same problem. Anyone. Please help.

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    Just in case someone has the same problem:

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