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Thread: GXTForms 0.2 released

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    Default GXTForms 0.2 released

    Hi all,

    I released 0.2 of GXTForms to the google code page
    (, and deployed the new demo to
    appengine ( For those who don't know
    (that includes just about everyone), GXTForms is a small library for
    automating GWT form creation and databinding using annotations from
    this library along with GXT. This release adds a few new field
    attributes as well as support for field sets and nested beans.


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    It is a great work, I use it with JBOSS 5.1.0 GA 1.7.1 + GWT + GXT 2.1.0
    Developing with is a real treat, I need at least 5 times less time to achieve the same application type.
    Really thank you.

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    As there is no news from David, I've compiled a new GXTForms version usable with GWT 2.0 and GXT 2.1.0, with some tweaks related to collections usage in RPC.
    I'm thinking to make a bundle with a modified version binding also SpinnerField I've made.
    If you have any interest PM me.

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    if you have new code pls publish it also here :-)
    This forum needs your help: you got hints from the community and now you have fixed your code? dont just reply with "now its fixed" or "i found the error"! please take the time to post also an detailed answer with the working code.

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