I have the following environment:

1.) ASP.NET Web Application
2.) Using ExtJS and Ext.Direct .NET server-side stack

I have been able to use much of the Ext.Direct remoting apis to send and receive data, but now my project requires a polling service. I am trying to figure out how to use the Ext.Direct server-side stack to implement the polling provider. Unfortunately, it seems that the Ext.Direct server-side stack always sends back the response with {type:'rpc'}, but I need to be able to have a "callback" each time the PollingProvider returns. According to the docs and the examples, this means I need to use Ext.Direct.on('message') in order to trap the polling return as an "event". Has anyone else out here figured out how to use the Ext.Direct .NET server-side stack and the PollingProvider allong with a "callback event"?

Here is some short example of what I'm trying to accomplish:

        //This bit of code sets up the PollingProvider:
        myPoller = new Ext.direct.PollingProvider({
            interval:15000,  //Every 15 seconds.
            url:AJAX.Poll //This is an Ext.Direct "Action" method defined on server-side
        //This bit of code watches for an Ext.Direct "event" called "pollReturn":
Now, the problem is that when the component "myPoller" executes the "poll", I can see it execute the method on the server-side by debugging the application. However, the response required for Ext.Direct.on() to work should look something like this in the JSON response:
{"type":"event","name":"message","data":"Successfully polled at: 5:58:27 pm"}
But, unfortunately, the Ext.Direct server-side stack always seems to respond something more like this (notice the type is "rpc" instead of "event"):
{"type":"rpc","tid":82,"action":"AJAX","method":"Poll","result":{"name":"pollReturn","data":[{type:"event",name:"message",data:"Successfully polled at 5:58:27 pm"}]}}
Anyone have any ideas how to achieve this "callback" from the .NET Ext.Direct server-side stack? Even if you have any ideas about how to go about this, please feel free to share your thoughts.