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Thread: Row editor and this.el.dom is undefined

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    Default Row editor and this.el.dom is undefined

    Hi there,

    my problem is basicaly the same as here:

    I get "this.el.dom is undefined" when I open a second time a window which contains a grid and edit via roweditor. The first time roweditor opens, from the second window open nothing.

    The really strange thing for me is this. If I don't open a grid record via roweditor on the first window, close the window, and then open it again, the roweditor opens nicely, next times too.

    I checked for ID's, called win.destroy to no avail. What can I check next.

    here is my js code: + cakeform
    here is where the grid config is generated:

    Thanks for you help.

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    I have no idea what a 'CakeForm' is, but here are some general comments:

    If you close a window you not only destroy the window, but also all components inside it. This means that you have to recreate all components (including grid editors) when you recreate the window.
    I usually recommend to set closeAction:'hide' to make the window hide instead of close, so you can reuse it (not recommended for large applications, because a hidden window still takes up DOM space).

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    Hi Condor,

    thanks for checking this out. I'll try to implement what you suggested and come back here with further info. Also I edited the previous post with CakeForm code.

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    I did not manage to pass over this bump. I uploaded the dev code here: link (user:test pass:t3st both logins). I can supply the all code for the backend details.

    ext 3.0.3 + cakePHP1.2.5

    Problem: First time I open a window that contains a editorgrid with RowEditor, the editor open correclty. Second time I open a window the RowEditor in the grid does not open and throws "this.dom is undefined".

    IF the first time the window is opened, I don't open the RowEditor, close the window and the open the window again the RowEditor will start editing ok for all windows.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    I have the same question!Could somebody tell me how to make it work?

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    Smile easy

    var cm=new grid.ColumnModel({
    return cm;

    var roweditor=new Ext.ux.RowEditor({
    return roweditor;

    grid=new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
    cm:newCm(),//important! always create
    plugins:[newPlugin]//important! always create

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