I've been trying to get a GroupingView to open with the first group collapsed. However I can't find an event to listen for that's late enough to have the x-grid-group elements in the DOM. Therefore my attempts at toggleGroup always fail because the method can't find those elements.

var expandFirst = function() {
  // getGroupId doesn't work because of a custom renderer in the GroupingView
  var groupId = myGrid.getGridEl().child('div[class*=\'x-grid-group\']').id;
  myGrid.getView().toggleGroup(groupId, true);
var myGridPanel = myWindow.items.get(1);
myGridPanel.on('render', expandFirst, this);
This code works just fine if I stick it in a click event on the window to which this is all rendered. It doesn't work as a render event though. I think the panel is rendered at that point... but the GroupingView I need is not.

Is there an event I can listen for that comes late enough that the GroupingView is rendered (rather than just its enclosing GridPanel)? Any other ideas on how to get this done?

Thanks for your help.