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    Does anybody here have experience using Selenium RC with Ext?

    In brief, I got Selenium IDE working with Ext, no problem. But seemingly identical logic (eg. exported from IDE as Java) run via RC doesn't work. Specifically, none of the 'get' methods except 'getTitle' return anything (no errors, just blank, even though there is obviously a ton of stuff there).

    Yet, it works for random public (non-Ext) web sites. Any thoughts?

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    You have to take care to give every element in the document that you want to test a specific id. Ext will assign auto-numbered ids if you don't specify ids, but you can't use these, because if the creation order of the elements change the ids will change.

    You can do with less ids if you write selectors to find the elements of interest, but that makes it hard to use Selenium IDE (if you're only using Selenium RC like me this isn't that much of a problem).

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