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Thread: [ExtJS 3, trunk rev.5561] Accordion layout + TreePanel bug

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default [ExtJS 3, trunk rev.5561] Accordion layout + TreePanel bug

    I reproduced this problem only on IE8. First of all, get, unpack it and place sample.js into ExtJS Desktop example directory (ext\examples\desktop)

    I modified there 2 rows. Now start desktop example and look at first Tree in accordion 'Friends'. You can see there very long string that is going somewhere to the right, but layout didn't draw any scrollbar. Click on that long string and you will see very interesting behavour. Here is the image :

    Allright. Let's configure layout and set it autoWidth: false. if you got my example - uncomment line 221, save and open desktop example one more time.

    For the first sight everything great! Look :

    We have scrollbar, everything works like it should. But... Resize your window - click to expand 'Settings', then resize window one more time, click to expand 'Even more stuff'. And what do we see?

    Can you please tell me, what is it?
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