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    Default EXT Json vs format

    Hello all,

    I'm fairly new to EXTJS & JSON so have that in mind please.

    I have a question concerning JSON data format. I was writing a longer question and then realized I could "refactor" that more simply, so my question at large is:

    Does EXTJS respect the JSON format outlined at ?? Or perhaps is there an option somewhere to support that format?

    It seems not, at least not with the tree example. Here's my longer question & example:

    I'm using Java to generate JSON and there seems to be a difference in the JSON that EXTJS expects versus the "official" Json format at I tried two java libraries, which were suggested by, to transform my objects into JSON text so I imagine these respect the "standard" JSON format if there's such a thing.

    However it seems like EXTJS' format is different. I've checked the example JSON files included (for example in the tree examples, "check-nodes.json"). The arrays always include both [{ and the keys are not surrounded by the quote (") character.

    Here's an example:
    [output from java libraries]

    {"text":"Ext JS"}
    [json format which EXT JS can read, using my example above]

    [{text:"Ext JS"}]

    Thanks in advance!

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    Ah ok turns out part of my question was due to my own noobness with JSON. So [{ is an array... And in fact it does support "" around keys, the example I was trying wasn't working for another reason.

    Thanks anyways! You can mark this thread solved...

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