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    Bonjour, Hi,

    je sais pas si quelqu'un pourrait m'aider mais je cherche a diminuer les points d'un chart. j'ai utilis le script de demo extJS pour faire mon graphe et je voudrais diminuer les points.

    Autre chose, comme mettre le point de debut de l'axe des ordonnees.


    Hope someone can help me. I'm using the demo of extJS to make a chart. I want to reduce the weight of the points of the chart (items).
    Other thing, can u say me how to make the chart start at a value.
    (example, I got a chart which values are between 20000 and 30000. the chart start to 0. how can I make it start to 15000 i.e)

    Thank u.

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    Look at the API for numeric axis, you'll see config options for 'maximum' and 'minimum'.

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