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Thread: Ext.LinkButton A button class which renders an <a> element.

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    Hi Andyjl,

    the default button as href attribute, so you need not to use this custom class anymore. When you set href attribute in button config, it is rendered as link.


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    Default Example of how to use this extention

    Thanks for the very useful extention, any chance to have an example of how to use it?

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    Default What to do... What to do...

    I need functionality that will call DirectJNgine methods to download some files. I can't use a HREF there is no link to the file. It would be like I want to download some blob in a DB and I make DirectJNgine calls to get the blob (or bits), but how do I get these downloaded to the browser. I've seen some examples that put up hiddern frames and forms, but these all call some PHP to get the bytes. I need to call java methods via DirectJNgine. Anyone have ideas?

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    One Q: I have the server request on a "characters" chain on xls, then, i have it on memory and i need to download it. Could do it ?

    thx 4 ur job!

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