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Thread: [FIXED-252][3.0.x rev 5368] RowEditor buttons positioning problems

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    Question [FIXED-252][3.0.x rev 5368] RowEditor buttons positioning problems

    Ext version tested:

    • Ext 3.0.x rev 5368

    Adapter used:

    • ext

    css used:

    • only default ext-all.css

    Browser versions tested against:

    • IE8
    • FF3.5.3 (firebug 1.5X.0a24)
    • Safari 4.0.3
    • Opera 9.64

    Operating System:

    • Windows Server 2008


    • When you open RowEditor on a grid with lots of wide columns and
      without forceFit - buttons positioning somewhere far away from the center of visible grid.
      And you cannot press any button, cause they can't be seen.

    Test Case:

    • Tested this issue on SVN version #5368 on the RowEditor sample (examples/grid/row-editor.html)

    Steps to reproduce the problem:

    • Open example. Resize columns to be very wide (totalColumn width of all columns must be twice as big as grid width.
    • Open RowEditor. Try to press any button.
    • Try to scroll right the horizontal scrollbar of the grid and you'll see how buttons go away from the grid.

    The result that was expected:

    • Buttons must be always on the center of the grid, for user to use them.

    The result that occurs instead:

    • Buttons go somewhere, where RowEditor thinks there is the columns center, which can be far from the real visible area.

    Screenshot or Video:

    • MustBe.jpg - This how it should work
    • Problem-2.jpg - Columns resized, buttons shifted right from center of the grid, 'Cancel'
      button hided.
    • Problem-1.jpg - Columns resized, horizontal scrollbar scrolled right.

    Debugging already done:

    • RowEditor.js:362
      width =  view.mainBody.getWidth(),
      this element can be very big if columns are not fitting the grid view

    Possible fix:

    • Used such code to fix :
          positionButtons: function(){
                  var h = this.el.dom.clientHeight,
                      view = this.grid.getView(),
                      scroll = view.scroller.dom.scrollLeft,
                      //width =  view.mainBody.getWidth(),
                      width = this.grid.getWidth(),
                      columns = this.grid.getColumnModel().getTotalWidth(),
                      bw = this.btns.getWidth();
                  width = width > columns ? columns : width;
                  this.btns.el.shift({left: (width/2)-(bw/2)+scroll, top: h - 2, stopFx: true, duration:0.2});
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    Thanks for the report.

    Fix applied to svn in rev #5369 for patch release 3.0.3.
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    As of 2017-09-22 I am not employed by Sencha, all subsequent posts are my own and do not represent Sencha in any way.

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