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Thread: Change default colors for Pie Chart

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    Default Change default colors for Pie Chart


    I'm pretty new to Extjs, so perhaps that is a trivial question :P

    The question is: There is a way to specify the colors of each region of the Pie Chart ? Or at least to obtain the default color palette used by the Pie chart so I can change my references accordingly ?

    BTW: Using a similar as how the colors can be defined for stacked-bar charts, I tried the following store with no luck :P

    var store = new{
    fields: ['season', 'total'],
    data: [{
    season: 'Summer',
    total: 150,
    style: { color: 0xffffff }
    season: 'Fall',
    total: 245,
    style: { color: 0x000000 }
    season: 'Winter',
    total: 117,
    style: { color: 0xcccccc }
    season: 'Spring',
    total: 184,
    style: { color: 0xcccc00 }

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    I just found the answer if you're still looking for this. Someone beat me to posting it on the forums, so here's that thread:

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