Hello all,

I use a ColumTree Panel (taken from the example page) and a GridPanel in my application.
The purpose of the application is to assign tasks (from the grid) to technicians (in the treecolumn panel). Everytime I drop a task on a technician, i compute the distance and drive time of the travel. Thus for each technician, after dropping several tasks, I have a complete trip from technicain home to first task, second task, ... and return to home.

My problem is : i want to show the total distance, total driving time of the trip on the technician node, these informations must be modified every time a drop a task on a technician.

In the TreeLoader api, i can call the load(node, callback, scope) method to reload the children of the node, but in my case 'node' is the technician and i want to update also this one with total distance and total driving time.

Here is the init code of the TreeColumnPanel:

    this.treeAssignedTask = new Ext.tree.ColumnTree({
            rootVisible: false,
            autoScroll: true,
            width: 590,
            height: 500,
            enableDD: true,
            ddGroup: 'grid2tree',
            title: 'Assigned Tasks',
            columns: [{
                header: 'Name',
                width: 165,
                dataIndex: 'name'
            }, {
                header: 'Locality',
                width: 125,
                dataIndex: 'locality'
            }, {
                header: 'ETA',
                width: 120,
                dataIndex: 'eta'
            }, {
                header: 'Dist',
                width: 50,
                dataIndex: 'distance'
            }, {
                header: 'Driving',
                width: 50,
                dataIndex: 'drivingTime'
            }, {
                header: 'Working',
                width: 50,
                dataIndex: 'workingTime'
            loader: new Ext.tree.ColumnTreeLoader({
                dataUrl: this.links.assignedTask,
                uiProviders: {
                    'col': Ext.tree.ColumnNodeUI
                preloadChildren: true
            root: new Ext.tree.AsyncTreeNode({
                id: 'assigned-task-root',
                text: 'Tasks'
Could you give an advise? How can i modify the TreeLoader, ColumnTree, ColumnNodeUI classes in order to acheive this behaviour?

Thanks a lot for your responses.