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Thread: [FIXED] GRID restore state bug

    You found a bug! We've classified it as a bug in our system. We encourage you to continue the discussion and to find an acceptable workaround while we work on a permanent fix.
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    Default [FIXED] GRID restore state bug

    When hidding a column from the grid, that was previously already saved in the grid's state as the "sortField", GXT fails to restore the grid when next the application is started.

    I fixed this by overriding Grid. In the overridden class I overwrote applyState(), with the following code (note: I marked my additions):
    protected void applyState(Map<String, Object> state) {
    for(ColumnConfig c: cm.getColumns()) {
    String id = c.getId();
    if(state.containsKey("hidden" + id)) {
    if(id.equals((String)state.get("sortField"))) //Added
    state.remove("sortField"); //Added
    c.setHidden((Boolean)state.get("hidden" + id));
    if(state.containsKey("width" + id))
    c.setWidth((Integer)state.get("width" + id));
    String sortField = (String)state.get("sortField");
    if(store.getLoader() == null && sortField != null) {
    String sortDir = (String)state.get("sortDir");
    SortDir dir = SortDir.findDir(sortDir);
    store.sort(sortField, dir);

    This works for me. There are probably other ways to prevent this bug from showing (for example by adding checks on the store's sort method. Either way, I hope that this is fixed in a next release.

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    Thanks for reporting this. It is fixed in SVN now

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    Default Grid Restore State

    I have given "stateful: true," in the GridPanel. I can hide columns and save it in cookies. I would like to have a restore button, clicking on which should show me the default selected columns. How can i call applyState function to restore the hidden columns? Can anyone give me an example?

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    i see you look more for a extjs solution than a gxt solution. so its the wrong category in thins forum.

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