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Thread: Problem with initial window size on IE7

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    Default Problem with initial window size on IE7

    I was toying around with the window component trying to use contentEl since i don't need anything fancy inside the window. It's working mighty fine in IE8 & FF3.5 but i went into IE8's compatibility mode (and later confirmed it on IE7) and got a nasty bug where my window starts about 3 screens big with a property of left: -5000. I haven't modified anything in extjs/ext's css and it does so even if i don't have any of my own css.
    Here is a minimal example that reproduces it for me (taken from the hello world sample on extjs , minimized and modified to use contentEl)

    <title>Hello World Window Example</title>
    Ext.onReady(function() {
    var win;
    var button = Ext.get('show-btn');
    button.on('click', function() {
    // create the window on the first click and reuse on subsequent clicks
    if (!win) {
    win = new Ext.Window({
    contentEl: 'hello-win'
    <inputtype="button"id="show-btn"value="Hello World"/>
    It also works fine if i specify a size but i want dynamic content inside and it already works fine in IE8/FF3.5. Searching a bit on the web didn't yield any results so i assume i'm doing something wrong.

    Any help is most appreciated.

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    Default Ditto

    I'm having the exact same problem here. We've been running for over a year in production and recently upgraded to 3.1 and suddenly some of our windows are displaying way off the left side of the screen (left: -5000px), where they were sizing to content before. I've tried looking through the source to see if there's anything odd about the hide-mode (such as using offsets for hiding), but haven't seen anything that jumpt out at me.

    Have you had any luck resolving this?

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    Hi, I'm having also this problem. It works properly in IE8, FF and Opera but in IE7 exactly as described above. It's really weird and it seems to be a bug. Is there any solution or workaround? I need to use the contentEl attribute in the window component.


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