Hi there,

i'm having a TreePanel and a TreeNode. To my TreeNode, i append Childs from a Json Store.

My Problem is, that i need to set userrights to the TreeNode using disabled : true/false.
But i only get all TreeNodes disabled or all TreeNodes enabled. Depends on the state of the last TreeNode i will add. What am I doing wrong ?

 var tree = new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
                frame: false,
                width: 230,ext
                animate: true,
                enableDD: true,
                rootVisible: false,
                border: false,
                expanded: true,
                id: theJsonTreeData.result[a].usermodule.id
            var root = new Ext.tree.TreeNode({
                text: 'root',
                expanded: true

            for (var b=0;b<theJsonTreeData.result[a].usermodule.usergroup.length;b++) {
                var myTreeItem = theJsonTreeData.result[a].usermodule.usergroup[b];
                    leaf: true,
                    id: myTreeItem.object,
                    disabled: myTreeItem.disabled,
                    iconCls: myTreeItem.icon,
                    text:  myTreeItem.translation,
                    listeners: {
                        click: {
                            fn:function(node,value) {