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    I'm considering Ext for some in house projects, but its viability depends on the theming ability.

    I've noticed a bunch of built-in themes, but none of these seems to play with the dimensions, padding, margins of the components. In a more generic theming scenario, the various parts of the Ext components, like the title size, or the toolbar size, any widget's padding, may require tweaking.

    So my question is, can a new theme define a different title font size, or title bar size, or default button size, all in CSS, and still have things work fine (does the JavaScript code take into account these CSS rules when rendering)?

    Or, will I have to define certain theme parameters in JavaScript and suffuse my components with references to these parameters? (yuck!)

    I realize layout cannot be captured entirely in CSS, but I'm envisioning switching layouts in JavaScript; the component parameters, however, are best controlled in CSS.

    And do you have any notes about best practice when writing Ext applications that might be themed in the manner I describe? Perhaps a document I need to read?


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    hi mihaistratus,

    you can do most of the stuff with css and styling some images.
    you have the ext-all-notheme.js which is basically for the structure of apps and the theme files, where you can specify your fontsizes and other things you want to change. there is a theming section under the examples for some time.

    kind regards,
    Best regards
    Tobias Uhlig

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