I want to get a photo in a form panel, in order the users could describe the content of the pic.

I tried doing this with a 2 column layout. It works fine when I wrap the path of the pic in a Html() object, but I would prefer doing this whith a layout container (like in ListView sample)

Off course, Image have parameters that I have to play with

Thanks for any help.

Here is my code :

lc = new LayoutContainer(new ColumnLayout());
        // DATA TEST
        Photo photo1 = new Photo("http://www.server.com/001.jpg","D109_001","BUlk");
        LayoutContainer left = new LayoutContainer(); 
        left.setStyleAttribute("paddingRight", "5px"); 
        left.setStyleAttribute("paddingLeft", "5px");
        FormLayout layout = new FormLayout(); 
              TextField<String> titDestination = new TextField<String>(); 
              titDestination.setFieldLabel("Titre Destination"); 
              left.add(titDestination, formData); 
              LayoutContainer right = new LayoutContainer(new CenterLayout()); 
              right.setStyleAttribute("paddingRight", "5px"); 
              right.setStyleAttribute("paddingLeft", "5px");
              image=new LayoutContainer(new FitLayout());
              detailTp = XTemplate.create(getTemplate());
              detailTp.overwrite(image.getElement(), Util.getJsObject(photo1));
             lc.add(left, new ColumnData(.5)); 
             lc.add(right, new ColumnData(.5));