I have a typical border layout with navbar. The nabvbar contains a tree panel and a toolbar at the top. What I want to do is slide out (up) the toolbar and slide in a a more advanced toolbar with more features. The advanved toolbar is taller in terms of height. The problem I have is during the slide out/in animation I want the tree panel to move as well. So as the toolbar slides up out of view the top of the tree panel moves up at the same time. When the toolbar is out of view the tree panel takes up the full navbar. I want the reverse to happen when the advanced toolbar slides in.

I have tried animating the toolbar in various ways but the tree does not move until the animation is complete and I have to call doLayout(), and the effect does not look so good. I am using a border layout for the navbar with the toolbar in the "north" region and the tree table in "center".

Any help offered much appreciated.