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Thread: How to scroll all the way down on Panel in code?

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    Default How to scroll all the way down on Panel in code?

    I have created a custom panel that mimics a grid. As I add "rows", I call doLayout() which forces a render of the newly added item. It also correctly sets the scrollbar vertical height as needed. I want to be able to scroll down completely in code after doLayout() is called. Any help on how to accomplish this would be appreciated.

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    I am also having some troubles scrolling panels into view which are in some other containerPanel.
    I must specify here that my container does not have autoscroll:true. However I have included my customized scrollbar such that it is in sync with the neighbouring grid.
    Now i want panels in the containerPanel to be scrolled to upon grid row selection. I have worked out all the necessary things.... its just that scrolling is not happening...
    Plz guide me on that... Thank you...

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    So I assume you set the scrollTop of the element to be scrolled to the scrollTop of the element it should be synced with?

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