I create application with GUI such at Ext example named "complex.html"(ext-3.0.0\examples\layout), I added Tab Panel and Panel in the areas left and right, but I haven't used the properties of the panels "contentEl", all panels haven't a "div" but created only by Ext(and I haven't problem). Only for the central area(region="center"), I insert in <body></body>, a <div id="centrale1"></div>, and the central Panel have a "contentEl: 'centrale1' ". In this last div I inset this code:<div id="idGenericTitoloGriglia" class="griglia"><img id="oggetto1DD" src="oggetti/generici/oggetto1.JPG" height="100" width="100">
Summing up the html code is
HTML Code:
<div id="centrale1">
<div  id="idGenericTitoloGriglia" class="griglia"><img id="oggetto1DD" src="oggetti/generici/oggetto1.JPG" height="100" width="100"></div>
Next I write this code Ext:
var pippo=new Ext.Resizable("oggetto1DD", {
        handles: 'all',

var AreaCentrale = new Ext.TabPanel({
     id: 'contenitoreMaster',
     region:'center', deferredRender:true, enableTabScroll:true, autoScroll:true,            activeTab:0, split: true,
                title: 'titolo',
                iconCls: 'nuova',
                autoScroll: true,
                id: 'Genericidtitolo'              
This code created a D&D and resizable Object, but the Object have a strange behavior.
Resizable function correctly. When I move the Object, this always remains fixed in the top left(hidden from the upper panel and left panel if its very small), when I scroll the central Panel, I can move the object, but only as long as this does not return to coincide with the new margin in the upper left of the Panel.
I have this question:
1) why object takes as a left margin and the top margins of the browser page and don't take the panel that contains it?
2)have I made mistakes in declaring the object drag and resizable?
3)Why the drag isn't working correctly?

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