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    I have a combo box which is populated from the database, it works fine in Mozilla but doesnt pop up in IE 8, It is showing loding corcle and just disappearing.

    here is my code:

    This is code of the store i defined:

    supplier_combo_store =new{

    id : 'supp_combo_data_store_id',
    proxy : new

    url : 'find_supp.xsql',

    method : 'POST'



    reader :new{

    root : 'ROWSET',

    record : 'ROW',

    id : 'SUP_ID'


    {name:'SUP_ID', type:'int', mapping:'SUP_ID'},

    {name:'SUP_NAME', type: 'string',mapping:'SUP_NAME'},





    Here is code for my combo box:


    sup_name =new Ext.form.ComboBox({

    id :'sup_combo_id',

    editable :false,

    allowBlank :false,

    fieldLabel :'Supplier',

    store : supplier_combo_store,

    valueField :'SUP_ID',

    mode :'remote',

    displayField :'SUP_NAME',

    width :135,


    emptyText :'Select Supplier'

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