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Thread: Loading TreePanel with data from database

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    This is the AJAX request function:

    this.transId = Ext.Ajax.request({      
         url: this.dataUrl||this.url, 
         success: this.handleResponse, 
         failure: this.handleFailure, 
         scope: this, 
         argument: {callback: callback, node: node, scope: scope}, 
         params: this.getParams(node) 
    After execution = true and I don't know if this.handleResponse ever gets executed, but I think it doesn't. The
    And "this" which is a node always remains "[Node 1_IFR2] loaded=false loading=true childrenRendered=false" and never gets loaded. In addition this.childNodes=[].
    Any remarks?

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    Default How to loading Tree Panel With data from Database

    Hey ,I also have same doubt could please let me know without hesitate because I am newbie for EXTJS ?I have table name Product columns are Id ,product_name , Description1 Sony Sony Desc2 lenovo lenovo desc3 IPhone I phone Desc I would like to display tree panel like : Parent Node as :1. Sony Child Node as Sony Desc ;2.Parent Node :Sony Child Node as Lonovo desc etc could please let me know how to fetch query to display record ?I have Query like but It doesn't work me ? select * from product ,account where account.username ='admin' and MS !='Root' and autoexport.export_config_id= account.report_tree_id order by export_config_id

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