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Thread: Change row color on render function @ grid

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    Default Change row color on render function @ grid

    Hi , I'm looking for a solution to change the color of the row inside the render function, I already figured out how to change the cell color, but I'm not able to apply the same concept to the row.


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    Here is what I got for sencha touch 2 :

    this renderer is for grid xtype column :

    renderer: function(value, record, rowIndex) {
    var index = Ext.getCmp('YourGridID').getStore().indexOf(record) + 1;
    var element = Ext.get('ext-gridrow-'+index);

    var myClassName = 'green'; //your css class here, I used green as background
    if (value !== null ) { //do your checking of the field value
    return value;

    Let me know if this helps / works for anyone else, good luck!

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