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It all looks good but before I start looking too deeply into DirectJNgine I would like to know a little about the status of the project. First question that come to mind is
  1. Will DirectJNgine work with Ext JS 4.2 ? (only Ext JS 4.1 is mentioned in the docs)
  2. Is the project being actively maintained ? I'm fully aware that no recent releases sometimes simply means that the code is stable and feature complete and therefore no reason to release new stuff. I hope that is the case for DirectJNgine.

Thank you.
I have not tested DJN against 4.2 because I have not used it. You can do that on your own by running the test app, which executes around 150 automated tests.

It should work, unless the Sencha guys have performed backward incompatible changes to their code base -something not unheard of.

Please, report back your findings!

Regarding maintenance, yes, it is actively maintained. The code base is very, very mature, that's why there are no new releases.