I slipped DjnRemoteCallSupport in the example file by accident, as it still needs to be tested for different types of method calls. That's why it worked ok in the example, but as soon as you tried to modify the demo to use the "api" thing it didn't work. Just do not use it by now!

As far as you do not leak "undefineds" in the parameter list or as part of any array at any level in the object structure of your parameters, you'll be on the safe side -most of the time...

BTW, the ExtJs guys changed one of their demos while going from 3.0.0 RC3 to final, and now the "examples/direct/direct-form.js" demo uses the "api" thing, showing how to perform server side field validation.

Since I have updated DirectJNgine to use the final version of ExtJs, and have implemented the demos, you might want to take a look when I release the new version later this evening.


Pedro Agullo

P.S.: you will have to change @DirectPostMethod to @DirectFormPostMethod, all other things will remain the same.