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Thread: How to get transactionId of Ajax request?

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    Default How to get transactionId of Ajax request?

    Per the documentation for Ext.Ajax.request, it should return a transactionId. Although the following code successfully performs the request, it never returns a transactionId:

                var id = Ext.Ajax.request({
                    url: 'Service.asmx/getAgencyData'
                    , method: 'POST'
                    , jsonData: { agencyId: pnl.getComponent('AgencyIdTextField').getValue()} 
                    , headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json;charset=utf-8'}
                    , success: function(response, options) {
                    , failure: function(response, options) {
                Ext.Msg.alert('transactionId', id);   <--- this always has an empty object for id
    What am I missing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbassett74 View Post
    Ext.Msg.alert('transactionId', id);
    Ext.Msg.alert second parameter expected a String but Ext.Ajax.request returns a object which contains the id as attribute.

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    I don't understand. I know that the return object is a Number, but i tried id.toString(), but that doesn't work either. Can you please elaborate a little for me? Thanks.

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    @dbassett74-- The return value from an Ext.Ajax.request is an object (this connection object returned from Ext.lib.Ajax, in fact). And yes, the documentation (for has been incorrect for quite a while.

    var req = Ext.Ajax.request({....});
    Ext.Msg.alert('transactionId', req.tId);
    Pull up req in Firebug and snoop around.
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    The doc for 3.x is still incorrect
    It still says that request() returns a Number while it returs the request object.

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