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Thread: [3.0.x, 3.1.1] ux.ManagedIFrame 2.x

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    Hi doug,
    I'm using the release 2_1_5 and the application i'm working on uses ext 3.4..I've included miframe-debugging.js only as i require only the basic features provided by miframe in rendering an iframe..I find the setSrc() not working,in the sense when i want to refresh the iframe panel by simply calling setSrc(),the load Mask fills the panel and never disappears.I was using an earlier cersion of Miframe which was working properly..

    I've done something like this to create an iframe

    iportal.view.iframepanel = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {
    viewConf : null,
    conf : null,
    uri : null,
    initComponent : function (){
    var defaultConfig = {
    xtype : 'iframepanel',
    height : this.height,
    defaultSrc : this.uri,
    loadMask : true
    Ext.apply(this, defaultConfig);


    when i click the refresh button in my application,i'm doin something like this


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    Default Issue identified

    Its a load mask issue rather than a refresh issue..when i commented out loadMask : true,the refresh actually happens

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    Default Thx doug fixed it!!!

    had to change
    hideOnReady : true,

    which defaulted to false...

    Would it have any side impacts??

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    Default Autoscroll IE issue

    I'm using Ext 3.4..And i find autoscroll : false not working in IE..Firefox renders the iframe without any scrollbar..But IE doesn't..Is there any workaround to disable the scrollbar???
    Code Snippet :

    var mif = new Ext.ux.ManagedIFrame.Panel({
    defaultSrc : this.uri,
    height : this.height,
    autoScroll : false,
    frameborder : 0,
    border : false,
    loadMask : {
    msg : this.loadMask

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    Quote Originally Posted by sidthegooner View Post
    I'm using Ext 3.4..And i find autoscroll : false not working in IE..Firefox renders the iframe without any scrollbar..But IE doesn't..Is there any workaround to disable the scrollbar???
    @sid --

    It would be best if you let the hosted page (in the frame) control scrolling of it's <body> tag. IE does not permit overriding the overflow features of a nested document.
    "be dom-ready..."
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    Default @sid -- It would be best if you let the hosted page (in the frame) control scrolling

    I find not the nested document having the scroll,but the iframe panel itself having it!!!If i size the document inside, 4 pixels lesser than that of the available height,this scroll bar disappears...Could anything be done??

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    Is this component compatible with ext 4.1.x ? The original thread says "Ext 3.1.1 higher"

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    Default how to close window from iframe contents

    I have a simple php page that contains a form and lets me read in and update a record in a database.

    I am trying to enclose this is a modal popup from an Ext 3.4 application.

    I am using Managed IFrame 2.1.5. I am using the example code from the MIF wiki. The code opens the MIF and displays my php file just fine.

    I am trying to figure out how to close the window when I click the cancel or ok button on my form on my php page.

    Here is my code that creates the MIF and opens the window. editProject is a method in my editablegrid object.

    I've looked at every mif wiki and doc site that still works and I can't locate any examples or docs on how to close the window, or specifically how to access the containing window from within the iframe.

    Lynn Kasdorf

        ,editProject: function() {
            //, grid.getView().getCell(row, col),;
            var MIF = new Ext.ux.ManagedIFramePanel({
                    border: false,
                    bodyBorder: false,
                    defaultSrc:'editProject.php?projectId=' + this.projectId,
                        domready : function(frame){
                              var fbody = frame.getBody();
                              var w = Ext.getCmp('myFrameWin');
                              if(w && fbody){
                                   //calc current offsets for Window body border and padding
                                  var bHeightAdj = w.body.getHeight() - w.body.getHeight(true);
                                  var bWidthAdj  = w.body.getWidth()  - w.body.getWidth(true);
                                  //Window is rendered (has size) but invisible
                                  w.setSize(Math.max(w.minWidth || 0, fbody.scrollWidth  +  w.getFrameWidth() + bWidthAdj) ,
                                            Math.max(w.minHeight || 0, fbody.scrollHeight +  w.getFrameHeight() + bHeightAdj) );
                                  //then show it sized to frame document
          var windowFrame = new Ext.Window({
                      title: name,
                      width: 600,   //give it something to start with until the frame renders
                      height: 400,
                      hidden : true,   //wait till you know the size
                      title: 'Sized To Frame Document',
                      plain: true,
                      constrainHeader: true,
                      minimizable: true,
                      ddScroll: false,
                      border: false,
                      bodyBorder: false,
                      layout: 'fit',
                      maximizable: true,
                      modal: true

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    Default the web site of api document couldn't open

    the web site of api document couldn't open, and demo too!!
    is there api document anywhere else?

    i'm sad about the web site

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    Default CDL License

    The CDL License link is broken, could you fix this or link to another page detailing the License?


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