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    Default HI, Can I know whether this work for Ext JS 4.2.3?

    Hi, your store will be my solution for one of my client which has a lot of data in his grid, and rendering time of grid is unacceptably slow. Currently we use Ext JS 4.2 in our app, Could I know whether your PagingStore worked for Ext JS 4 or not?

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    Default is not available for me

    Hi I am Using Ext 4.x. version but i cannot find

    can you please help me out


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    Default Local Paging with server data


    Could you please help me with Local paging with remote data with some good example. I tried doing it many but I didn't get the solution.

    Currently on submitting a form I send params with Ajax proxy in a store and using the same for grid and pagination. But while clicking next button on pagination it is making a call with the limit and page params. But I have a requirement to load all the data and do paging on local data with out further server calls.

    Kindly help me.


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    We recently added this to a project using 3.4.1. Oddly it seems to have changed all JsonStores and ArrayStores to use local paging. Was this expected? I would have thought it would only effect stores specifically defined as one of the classes created in the extension file. Ex

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    Any body please help me with for extjs 6.Am working on migration of extjs 4 to 6 and am strucked with pagination

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