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Thread: GWT 2.0 / GXT Gantt Chart

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    Default GWT 2.0 / GXT Gantt Chart

    All, I would appreciate any guidance, direction and examples that anyone can provide me on how to produce GWT output of the enclosed document. I have enclosed a representative spreadsheet of a display that I would like to implement using GXT 2.0.
    The display is simply a grid of data, columns A through H and then horizontal and vertical bars, under the date columns.
    I have tried Grids, Charts and one example of a Calendar.

    I was unsuccessful constructing both horizontal and vertical bars on the same Chart using the examples from Charts.

    I then tried Grids and the colors do not span across the cells, as shown in the Coverage Scheduler, located at: Is there any chance to get a copy of the Cover Scheduler code to see how this was implemented?

    The Calendar example I found from the forums also did not span across the cells.

    Which layout(s) would anyone suggest and are there good examples that I can try.
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    All, I have figured out the horizontal and vertical bars and they are transparent, which is great. If anyone can look into the Gantt Chart question I had, would appreciate, thanks

      public ChartModel getChartModel(int segments)
        ChartModel chartModel = new ChartModel("Waterfall",
            "font-size: 14px; font-family: Verdana; text-align: center;");
        XAxis xAxis = new XAxis();
        YAxis yAxis = new YAxis();
        xAxis.setRange(0, 20, 5);
        yAxis.setRange(0, 20, 5);
        HorizontalBarChart bchart = new HorizontalBarChart();
        bchart.addBars(new HorizontalBarChart.Bar(0, 20, "ff00ff"));
        bchart.addBars(new HorizontalBarChart.Bar(10, 15, "ffff00"));
        bchart.addBars(new HorizontalBarChart.Bar(0, 20, "0000ff"));
        bchart.addBars(new HorizontalBarChart.Bar(10, 20, "00ff00"));
        bchart.addBars(new HorizontalBarChart.Bar(15, 20, "0000ff"));
        BarChart bchart2 = new BarChart(BarStyle.GLASS);
        for (int t = 0; t < 20; t++)
          bchart2.addBars(new BarChart.Bar(0, 20, "8888FF"));
        return chartModel;

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    As i already answered in your other thread GXT is able to produce something like that.
    You can extend BoxComponent and generate your own domlayout which looks like what you want. Than you could define your own listeners to add methods for userinteraction (clicking in a cell / mouseover a cell / ...)

    You should not try to extend grid to be like your needs.

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    Default Java GXT - BoxComponent Example

    sven, thank you for your advice. Do you have a simple example of a BoxComponent written in Java, using GXT? Thanks

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    ContentPanel extends BoxComponent. All components that can be sized and are published with GXT extend BoxComponent.

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