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Thread: DataView inside Form - load values from form load

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    Default DataView inside Form - load values from form load

    hi to all

    for some times i needed to just display some data inside a form (coming from the JSON request) and not in any type of field...

    i ended up using just a textfield with some personal CSS...

    but i think that probably its possible to display them in a DataView but for some reason i've been unable to do that (probably because i'm a a noob :P)

    i've searched for some time but never found an example where DataView isn't based in a store...

    wain't it possible to "feed" the DataView with the data coming from the loadForm() ?

    tks to all

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    DataView must be bound to a store. You could always have a dummy Store and then use the loadRecords method to populate it with additional data you get back from the Form loadign process.
    Aaron Conran

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    thats an interesting workaround...

    tks i'll look into it...

    just to know...had you ever had the need to display data outside any field? how do you did it?


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