Can someone help me with how to approach this. It will be my first ExtJS project. I have an xhtml page in which a small sidebar will contain a customizable area for each user (cookied for persistance). I would like this box to fill the sidebar area initially, then when the user wants to edit or view their "dashboard", the widget would expand over the entire page, greying out the underlying page showing them all of their personalized information.

I would like to ask for examples or help with...

1) Implementing the container and expansion elements.

2) Providing for personalized content (are there any built in tools to help with this in ExtJS?), MyLinks, My Stocks, My Contacts, My Calendar (sinced with Outlook perhaps) My Todo List, etc).

3) Ideas for persisting this information to remember the users settings and choices. Are these tools built into ExtJS or is it mainly a presentation toolkit?